Keep your secrets away

Never tell a recruiter (or your potential employer) your current salary or salary requirements. Recruiters will pressure you into revealing your current salary because it saves them money but do not give up and if they persist tell them that even your wife does not know the number. If the recruiter is not in a joking mood you can always claim that your salary requirements are flexible.

Here is why you should never talk about money before you get an offer!

Imagine, you go through all the technical interviews and the company decides that they want to hire you, and they know that your current salary is 60K. So even if the budget for this position was 90K, guess, how much will they offer you? That is right, 5 to 20 percent increase to your current salary is all you can hope for. Furthermore, smart recruiters, if they see you like the job, will, at least initially, offer you less than what you earn now citing hard-times and large unemployment numbers.

On the other hand if you told them that your salary was 120K they might not even have invited you for the interviews on the first place. So you lost a pleasure (experience) of being interviewed and any chance of being hired.

Of course, they might not like you being stubborn and proceed with more agreeable candidates  but seriously do you want to work for such a company? In fact, if you do not give up and do not reveal your salary they will probably appreciate your persistence and will respect you.
So NEVER tell you salary to ANYONE, not even your girlfriend! ))

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