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How to solve a recursive problem without using recursion

Here is a typical algorithmic problem I encounter when interviewed: Write a program that receives a set of positive integers (duplicates are possible) and decides if the set of integers can be divided into three subsets with the same sum of elements. For instance, {1,1,1} can be divided into three subsets with equal sum {1} {1} {1}, [...]

Quixey interview questions Quixey is a start-up that tries to optimize application search. A twenty something year old kid introduced himself as Quixey’s CTO. The CTO was a typical smart senior-year college kid who had a good idea and received a huge investment to implement it. There is no doubt the CTO is a smart guy but [...]

TS Interview

Not-so-easy C++ interview. 1) Can a class with a private destructor be instantiated? That is a tricky question because the answer is both yes and no. Yes, it can be instantiated on a heap. No, it cannot be instantiated on a stack. A class with a private destructor cannot be instantiated on a stack (Object [...]

Auditude interview questions Auditude is an online video advertising technology and monetization partner for premium content owners and distributors. A recruiter contacted me and scheduled a phone interview with one of the managers. The interview was not technical and consisted of typical HR questions. Why are you looking for a new position? What are you doing at your [...]

Keep your secrets away

Never tell a recruiter (or your potential employer) your current salary or salary requirements. Recruiters will pressure you into revealing your current salary because it saves them money but do not give up and if they persist tell them that even your wife does not know the number. If the recruiter is not in a joking mood [...]

C# Interview Questions

For some reason, majority of C# .Net phone screenings ask, over and over again, the same meaningless questions. In my opinion, no self-respecting company, should make any decision based on these questions. Anyway, the reality is that you either hire or get hired. So I created a list of questions that helps me to ace [...]

Inside Track A recruiter from the company contacted me and asked the following questions: What is a standard Microsoft technology stack for a database driven web application with reporting? What are C# generics and why they are useful? What are Lambda expressions and what have they replaced? What is LINQ used for and how does this [...]