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Sportvision 1) You have a nxn matrix that contains integers only. a.    The numbers always increase to the right and to the bottom b.    What is the fastest way to find a number x (you know it is in the matrix) 2) 4 people must cross a bridge. a.    Only 2 people can walk a [...]

Google interview questions I was interviewed for a Software Reliability Engineer position. A recruiter from Google contacted and asked if I want to have an interview with a Google engineer, It is hard to say no to Google; after all, in terms of benefits, working for Google is the second best thing after having your own business. [...]

Tagged interview questions I was interviewed by a recruiter from the company: How many bits needed to represent 1000000? What is the complexity of searching in a balanced binary search tree? What is the complexity of insertion in a hash table? Find two numbers in an array whose sum = X. I must admit I was not [...]

Moblyng (mobile game developer) interview questions Their COO called me while I was biking back home so I had to stop at Starbucks to solve a couple of high-school programming questions: 1) FizzBang Implement a function ‘fizbang’ that returns the following string: 1, 2, 3-fizz, 4, 5-bang, 6-fizz, 7, 8, 9-fizz, 10-bang, 11, 12-fizz, 13, 14, 15-fizzbang, 16, …, 99-fizz, [...]

Viagogo interview questions Viagogo phone interview: Job Description: Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and work in   a fast-paced environment   Outstanding relationship and communications skills, both   written and oral   Reliable – if you say you’ll do something, it gets done and   done well   A desire to drive for results   A sense of humor and positive, “make-it-work” attitude   [...]

PayPal interview questions PayPal phone interview for a web-developer position to which I was referred by a friend of mine. Here is a short description: Expert HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX coding capabilities. Expert knowledge of cross-browser capabilities and coding techniques. Ability to demonstrate semantic HTML and unobtrusive, accessible coding practices. Experience with XML and at least one common web application [...]

Wave Systems interview questions A recruiter from James Moore & Associates contacted me with an opportunity at a security company. Here is a short description: Intensive Windows programming experience. Strong knowledge of Windows internals and C++ Excellent OO design, development and debugging skills Knowledge of STL, COM/ATL/MFC Knowledge of .NET/C# is a plus Experience in designing multithreaded applications [...]